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Singing lessons that are transformative, confidence-boosting, succinct, powerful and tailored to your needs.

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Online singing lessons for adult singers of contemporary styles based on the TOTAL voice concept.

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YOU were born to sing and Total Voice Studio is here to help you become the best singer you can be. Whether you are an experienced vocalist or just starting out, we will help you get enduring results, quickly. Our mission is always to achieve delighted clients.

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DARREN WICKS, PhD (Singing Teacher)

Looking for a singing teacher in Melbourne, Australia? If you’re an adult who wants to take your voice to the next level, I have the track record, expertise and vision to get you there!  

From the second you walk in my door, I want you to feel not only that I love what I do, but that I am committed to getting you the results. 

I am singer, jazz pianist and choir director who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to singing lessons. With a career spanning 30 years, my experience includes work as a high school music teacher; a university lecturer, work with community music groups; studio teaching; school and community choirs; amateur musical theatre and teacher education. 

Few singing teachers can claim to have this level of skill and experience. I work hard to turn singing lessons into an art form!

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Are you looking for a singing teacher to get you closer to your vocal goals? Are you looking for singing lessons in Melbourne, Singing lessons in Melbourne Western Suburbs, or the Melbourne inner suburbs? Feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss how I might be able to help you. You can also connect with me on popular Social Media sites.

Total Voice TV

My YouTube channel provides information, singing tips and online singing lessons for adult singers of contemporary styles. Be inspired to be a better singer and discover the power of your total voice free from as many limitations as possible. Total voice TV is presented by Dr. Darren Wicks and invited guests. Total Voice Studio provides singing lessons in Melbourne Australia and serving the rest of the world via Skype and social media.

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