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Man singing in christmas hat

Unwrap Your Voice: Singing Strategies for a Joyful Christmas

For adult amateur singers, this festive time presents a wonderful opportunity to not only indulge in personal singing practice but to also share the gift of music with others. In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies to help you engage with singing beyond your private practice, making this Christmas season a harmonious celebration of your love for music.

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Asian singer

Songs with Easy English

Are you learning English? Do you like to sing? If English is not your first language, singing can help improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening.  Singing has been part of

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teenage boy singing into microphone

Songs for Teen Boys and Young Men

Between the ages of 16 and 21, many boys decide to take up singing which can be a positive pastime with far-reaching benefits, that include social, physical, psychological, intellectual, musical

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high school girl singing into microphone

120 Songs for High School Girls

Are you a high school girl who loves to sing or a teacher working with teenage girls and contemporary repertoire? Try these suggestions for contemporary songs, with a positive message,

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Boy singing

Songs for Boys – Aged 8 – 13

Not all boys enjoy singing but many do. Singing is a great activity for boys. Countless research has demonstrated that singing can benefit people on multiple levels – physically, musically, psychologically, socially

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