Unwrap Your Voice: Singing Strategies for a Joyful Christmas

Man singing in christmas hat
For adult amateur singers, this festive time presents a wonderful opportunity not only to indulge in personal singing practice, but also to share the gift of music with others. In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies to help you engage with singing beyond your private practice, making this Christmas season a harmonious celebration of your love for music.

Host a sing-along

For hundreds of years, adults have gathered to sing at Christmas time because it’s just plain fun! Christmas songs and carols have simple melodies that can be learned quickly and enjoyed by the masses. Sometimes people just need an excuse to sing. Bring the magic of music to your holiday gatherings by hosting a sing-along session with friends and family.

Choose your favourite Christmas carols or popular songs, print out lyric sheets, find some YouTube Christmas karaoke tracks, and create a warm and festive atmosphere. You can also add some fun party games, such as pass the parcel, Christmas crossword race, Christmas charades, pin the tail on the Santa – let your imagination go wild!

Sharing the joy of singing with loved ones can make the holiday season even more memorable. You’ll also be helping your friends and community. Remember that Christmas is a time that can amplify feelings of stress, loneliness, separation, and the memory of lost loved ones. Singing is a great strategy to lift people’s spirits. 

Explore Seasonal Repertoire

Diversify your singing repertoire by exploring seasonal songs. Choose a mix of classic carols, contemporary holiday tunes, and perhaps a few unconventional selections, such as Christmas songs from around the world. This not only adds variety to your singing practice but also keeps the festive spirit alive throughout the season

Attend live performance

Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit by attending live musical performances in your community or online. Witnessing other singers in action can be both inspiring and educational. Take note of their techniques, stage presence, and the sheer joy they bring to their performances.

Festive open mic

Check out local venues or online platforms that host open mic nights with a holiday twist. Share a Christmas song with a live audience, embracing the opportunity to showcase your vocal talents and soak in the festive atmosphere.

Collaborate Virtually

In our digitally connected world, collaboration knows no boundaries. Reach out to fellow singers online and organize virtual singing sessions. Platforms like Zoom or social media groups provide a space for sharing your favorite holiday tunes, collaborating on duets, or even hosting a virtual choir performance. Embrace the virtual stage and connect with a broader audience.

Record a Christmas album or message

Artists have been making Christmas albums for decades! Challenge yourself to record something this Christmas. It could be a personalised Christmas album featuring an original song, classic carols, or contemporary favourites. Create a video Christmas message that includes some singing. Share this musical gift with friends and family, or even consider uploading it to online platforms to spread the festive cheer.
Christmas Record Album


Beyond the walls of your private practice space, there’s a world waiting to be touched by your melodies. Whether you’re caroling in your community, joining virtual sing-alongs, participating in a choir, recording your own album, or gracing open mic stages, the holiday season provides the perfect stage for your musical journey. Unwrap your voice, share your passion for singing, and let the magic of music light up this Christmas season. Happy singing!

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