What is it that prevents us from achieving our dreams in life?  Often, it is fear.   Fear is an unpleasant feeling induced by actual or perceived threat.  There are many kinds of fear. Sometimes fear is helpful and keeps us safe. However, irrational fears or phobias can hold us back in life. 

The fear of singing holds many of us back from realising the simple truth – we are born to sing. So to inspire you to be a better artist and to face your fears, I wanted to try something super scary. In one of my most heartfelt videos, see the story of my first ever skydive, including the lead-up, jump and, most importantly, what I learned from the experience. 


In a previous video, American singing coach, Renée Maranan shared her strategies for managing performance anxiety and stage fright – a kind of fear that affects many singers. I wanted to put her strategies to the test, as see if they could help me to do something super scary. 

The fear of heights is called acrophobia. I don’ suffer from this fear, but while on holiday in Cairns, in far north Queensland, Australia, I signed up to do a tandem skydive from Mission Beach. The video recounts my reasons for signing up and the process. 

Why face your fears?

There are resources inside all of us. These resources we draw on when we are pushed beyond what we think are our limits. When we push ourselves beyond our fear factor, we discover things in ourselves that we didn’t know existed. Those discoveries help us become a better version of ourself and they help us build confidence.

Eleanor Roosevelt is credited with saying that we should do one thing every day that scares us. Many believe that singing is unattainable and that you need some special sort of gift or talent to be a singer. Many are scared of the vocal sounds that come out of their body. 

At Total Voice Studio, we believe you are born to sing. When you face your fears of singing, you will find resources that you didn’t know you had . These resources will give you new confidence and change the way you interact with the world. 


  • Thank you to the Sky Dive Australia Mission Beach crew for an unforgettable experience. 
  •  Big thanks to my SkyDive instructor, Mike who was so amazing at managing my fears and got me safely back to earth! 

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