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Everything a singer needs to know about Laryngitis

Free info guide gives you all the facts at a glance, including symptoms, causes, home remedies, and how to prevent laryngitis. Also, links to specialist voice centres around Australia that work with singers.

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Your body is your instrument...

Everyone who learns an instrument needs to learn how to take care of it!

Shouldn’t singers be the same?

With our free info guide, you’ll learn all the essential facts at a glance

"Darren is a supremely talented teacher. He is my go-to guru for all the singing knowledge I need."
Matt Ramsey
Vocal Coach

Did you know? Laryngitis is the medical term for swelling of inflammation of the larynx (voice box).

Did you know? Singing or putting excess load on a voice affected by laryngitis can cause long-term injury.

"Darren diagnoses vocal faults with precision and explains in an easy to understand manner how to correct them. He is a pedagogue par excellence, and his lessons are well structured and always very fun!"
Jess Heffernen
Music Teacher

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Laryngitis and the Singer

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