Thinking about singing lessons with Total Voice Studio?

How might lessons help you?

eye showing clarity of focus


Understand where your voice is at and how to get the results you want.

compass showing direction


Get clear on what you should focus on right now and chart a path to success

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Stay motivated and on track. A regular reminder of who you are and what you're capable of.

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Unlock the keys to improving your voice from a coach who has 30 years in the industry

What happens in your lesson?

Why singers like you take lessons

6 diverse clients speak about their experience and the value they find in singing lessons

Vito, 28yo, Actor
Uses lessons to build confidence, get feedback and keep advancing so he feels he is top of his game.  

Jessica, 35yo, music graduate
Uses lessons to help prepare for performances, gigs, and competitions.  

Chris, 39yo, business professional
Is a singer-songwriter, guitar player and sings in a community choir. Wants to advance his skills beyond what he is learning in his choir.

Anne, 34, business manager. 
Feels that singing is a great opportunity for self development and to improve her performance as a business leader.

Jun, 31, Teacher, karaoke and hobby singer.
Has a background in singing from school, but (as a young professional) wants to keep singing and have structured tasks to work on. 

Barb & Kath, 50+, administration
Both sing in a community choir and want to feel they can make a stronger contribution to the choir. They share a lesson slot together, enjoying both the social experience and the educational benefits of learning together.   

Are you a good fit?

Who is this for?

Who is this not for?

What kinds of results can you expect?

Get Results

Lasting changes take time, patience and training, However, at Total Voice Studio, you can be sure you will notice results from the first lesson. I achieve this by assessing where your voice is at and providing personalised coaching that gets you where you want to go in the most efficient path. My goal is to remove any obstacles that are stopping you be the best singer you are capable of being.

Hear Results

Want to hear for yourself? Click below to hear some dramatic before and after transformations

Who will be teaching you?

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Certfications & Affiliations

Happy clients is my aim

I’m committed to helping you be the best singer you can be, and achieving vocal excellence for all voice users. 
Whether you are an experienced vocalist or just starting out, we will help you get enduring results, quickly.

Ready to elevate your voice?

Strategy Call

Discover what we can do together
$ 20
  • Convenient online meeting
  • 20 min discussion & intro
  • Better understand your needs and goals
  • Discover what might be holding you back
  • Share your story and experience

Vocal Assessment

First lesson for new clients
$ 95
  • 60-min introductory lesson
  • Option for either online or in-person
  • Professional assessment of your voice
  • Try out the experience
  • Lesson Recording

4 week Package Deal

Deep dive and get results
$ 355
  • Total 4 hours of instruction
  • First time vocal assessment 60-min
  • 3 follow up appointments
  • Either in person on online
  • Recorded personalised vocal workouts
  • Save $50 on package deal
  • Work deeply on 1-2 songs
  • Completed at your pace over 4-8 weeks
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