Hello and welcome to my course, Warm Up Your Voice with Confidence

I’m Darren Wicks, founder of Total Voice Studio. I’m a contemporary singing coach and choir director from Melbourne, Australia and I’m pleased to be your instructor for this course.

My mission at Total Voice Studio is to help you feel good ABOUT singing and help you feel good WHEN you sing!
You can’t feel good about your singing if 

  • you’re unsure or nervous about handling your voice, or
  • you don’t know how to confidently warm up your voice.

Why you need this course

When I go to the gym, I will always get a better workout if there’s an instructor there to motivate me, show me what to do, and give me feedback about how I’m doing it. If I’ve been training for some time, I should feel confident enough in my knowledge to do some things that are helpful for my body and to take myself through a basic routine.

The same is true about your singing. You will always get a better vocal workout when working with a singing teacher. However, who of us can have a vocal coach present at every moment?

There are many occasions when you need to warm up your voice on our own, such as

  • When you are practising at home,
  • Before a gig, performance, or public speaking engagement
  • When your voice is feeling tired or not working as it should
  • When you are looking for fresh inspiration

Course structure

This course is based around a framework of 5 core exercises suggested by Dr Ingo Titze, one of the foremost voice scientists of the world, and director of the National Centre for Voice and Speech located in Utah, USA.

Each chapter of the course will introduce one of the exercises, explaining how to do it, giving examples and explaining what the exercise accomplish. The final chapter will put all of the exercises together giving you three examples of a complete vocal warmup routine.

At the end of the course, you will have a framework, so you always know how to work with your voice and what tasks to accomplish in a warmup. You will know how to construct your own warmup and you will have 3 downloadable warmup routines that you can practise.

Is this for me?

This course is written for adult singers who are serious about understanding their voice and getting results from their training. It applies to singers in

  • Community choirs and vocal groups
  • Church singers
  • Serious amateurs
  • Singer-songwriters
  • Students and semi-professionals

Get the most from the course

A final word of advice. There is a difference between knowing what to do and doing it. Just knowing what a running machine is and how it works is not enough. If I want it to work for me, I have to jump on the machine and use it.

In the same way, this course is not here to enlighten you about how vocal exercises work. I want to transform the way you work with your voice.

So, try to engage with the course content as much as you can. Pause the video and try out the concepts for yourself. If you get stuck of need motivation, feel free to book a skype or in-person session with me via the Total Voice Studio website.

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