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Are you a singer who suffers from performance anxiety, stage fright, or fear of singing in public? Do your nerves sometimes get the better of you and destroy your love of singing?  You are not alone!

In this episode of Total Voice TV, I am joined by Renée Maranan, a singing teacher from Seattle, Washington, who has a special interest in performance anxiety in singers. After years of suffering debilitating nerves, Renée was able to “make friends” with her fear of performing and has successfully coached many singers to improve their confidence.  

This video is filled with so many tips for performance anxiety in singing. There is also a wonderful FREE resource available below. 

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Your MIND is also your instrument...

Many singers practice the craft of singing, but neglect to focus on the mental aspects that ensure a great performance. 

Fear is natural, but it should never destroy your love of singing, nor prevent you singing in front of an audience.

With this free info guide, you’ll learn all the essential facts about performance anxiety and get the full text of this video interview. 

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