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Looking for singing tips? Vocal training online? Whatever your current ability, I want to inspire you to be the best singer you can be, providing you with resources that educate, entertain and connect you with expert opinions on singing.  I am adding to the resources every week and they include:

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Total Voice TV

Total Voice TV offers vocal training online with information, singing tips and edu-tainment for singers. Be inspired to be a better singer. Total voice TV is presented by Darren Wicks and invited expert guests from around the world.

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The Singer's Blog

The TVS Singer’s blog stands out as a source of quality information on singing, and provides online information and singing tips in line with the 6 core principles of the Total Voice approach: 

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I asked more than 200 professional and serious singers to share with me just ONE thing – their most important and valuable singing tip. After compiling a list of tips, I thoroughly researched each topic, combining it with my 20 years of experience working with singers.

The result is Sing True – a book of simple, practical advice that will surely make a real difference in your singing because it is written by singers FOR singers. Click on the image below for more information:
ebook for singers

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How to sing when nervous

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