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Lasting changes in your singing take time, patience and training. However, at Total Voice Studio, you will notice improvement in your singing from the first lesson.  We assess where your voice and musical skills are currently at with a careful analysis of your vocal function. Then, with individualised training and some commitment from you, we can bring about change from whatever point you’re currently at. Our goal is to make you the best singer that you are capable of being. That’s what we call real voices and real results. If you don’t believe us, hear what our customers say and listen to some dramatic before and after transformations. 

Customer reviews

From the get go Darren had me thinking and singing like never before and I instantly felt the improvements in my voice! I found my head voice in the first lesson which previous teachers had never been able to help me achieve. Darren is a great singing teacher and I would highly recommend him for any young males who are looking to get more out of their voice.
Luke T
Youth Worker
After 3 months of training with Darren, I landed my dream role playing Joanne in RENT the musical, which I could not have done without this training. Darren can quickly assess everything your voice needs to achieve your goals and has helped me do so much more with my voice than I ever thought possible! Drawing upon his own extensive training, Darren helped me keep my voice healthy and strong while I was rehearsing for the show and to really make the character and the music my own. Thank you, Darren!
Karen T
Business Adminstrator
Darren weaves a certain kind of magic into his instruction. His thorough reinforcement of the fundamentals rockets you into some other unknown realm of mad chops.​
Joe Conroy
Musician, Song-writer

Hear Results


James was 15yo when the first audio clip was recorded and his voice, having just changed, was weak, breathy and he lacked confidence. This transformation happened after just 12 months of vocal instruction. Today, James works in marketing and is a serious amateur singer song-writer. 


The first part of this audio clip was recorded in July 2011 when Bailey was 16yo. The second part was recorded September 2012 in the lead up to Bailey’s Year 12 examinations. Although he had many doubts and was lacking the musical experience of his peers, Bailey was able to achieve a B+ for his Year 12 performance examination in contemporary voice. Bailey has since graduated with a music performance degree and is teaching vocals and working as a performer. 


Not all transformations take a long time to achieve – some can be instantaneous and dramatic! On her 4th lesson, Renate (55yo) was singing a song she loves. With some skillful analysis and correction of a couple of vocal function problems, we achieved this transformation in her tone in just 10 minutes! The change was dramatic: mixed registration, beautiful vowels and vibrato.


Bayne was 16yo when the first audio clip was recorded and the second clip was recorded 9 months later. Bayne is now pursuing studies in performing arts at university.

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