So You Want to Be a Star: Role Models

Superhero father is a role model to his daughter

Which artists do you really admire and want to sing like? A student recently asked me, “how does Adam Lambert sing so amazingly? Is he a tenor or a bass?” and “do you think I will ever be able to sing like that?” This question prompted me to think about artists as roles models and how they both help and hinder our progress as singers.

Singing role models

For many of us, recording artists and professional singers are an example of what is achievable.

It’s great to have role models and to be inspired by great singers, but comparing ourselves to others can also be destructive to our self-esteem and can make us lose sight of our own unique sound. After working in the music industry and teaching singing for some 20 years now, I have realised that there will ALWAYS be someone out there who appears to be better or more musically talented than you. Adam is one of those rare voices that seems to effortlessly embody efficient technique! From the samples I’ve heard he sings in a well-controlled mix register. I assume he is a tenor, although in the world of contemporary commercial music (CCM), voice classifications such as tenor/bass are not really so important.

Finding role models

Rolling Stone Magazine lists 100 Greatest Singers of All Time


Can you ever sound like Adam Lambert? Maybe, perhaps and absolutely. How much time and effort are you willing to devote to that goal? If I asked the question, “can I ever play tennis as well as Roger Federer?” I might be able to if I devoted years of concentrated practice and focus. However, that’s not such a realistic goal given my current lifestyle. These people operate at the top of their field and I don’t need to be Federer to enjoy having a hit of tennis or even to play tennis skillfully.

How can you be a role model?

Be there for others

project positive energy for the world

So.. If you’re learning singing I’m suggesting your goal is to develop an efficient and fine-tuned FUNCTIONAL voice and then see what emerges from that. Your goal is not to be the next Adam Lambert. Be insipired by him, but your goal is to be the best singer YOU can be!

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