Songs for Boys – Aged 8 – 13

Boy singing

Not all boys enjoy singing but many do. Singing is a great activity for boys. Countless research has demonstrated that singing can benefit people on multiple levels – physically, musically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.  

Despite the benefits, keeping boys singing through the middle years (ages 8 to 14) can be a challenge for teachers and parents.  

Researchers have explored the problem of missing males in singing programs aimed at this age group and identified a variety of contributing factors such as missing role models, school cultures, gender stereotypes, and adolescent voice change. 

 My experience teaching boys over 30 years has lead me to believe that these challenges can be partly addressed when the teacher is positive and supportive. Also, when the teaching methods and song choices appeal to boys.

There’s a misconception that boys want to sing fast songs, spooky songs, sport songs, and songs that feature blood and gore. This might be true for some boys, but not all boys like to sing the same sorts of songs. Boys also enjoy slower songs, sentimental songs, comedy songs, and even love songs. 

In this blog post, I share more than 60 songs that I have, through trial and error, found appeals. 

Let the boys sing! 

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