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I’m committed to helping you be the best singer you can be, and achieving vocal excellence for all voice users. Whether you are an experienced vocalist or just starting out, we will help you get enduring results, quickly.

From the get go Darren had me thinking and singing like never before and I instantly felt the improvements in my voice! I found my head voice in the first lesson which previous teachers had never been able to help me achieve. Darren is a great singing teacher and I would highly recommend him for any young males who are looking to get more out of their voice.
Testimonial headshot of Luke
Luke T.
Youth Worker
Darren weaves a certain kind of magic into his instruction. His thorough reinforcement of the fundamentals rockets you into some other unknown realm of mad chops.
Joe Conroy
Musician, Song-writer
I am blown away by Darren's teaching ability! The experience has been extremely transformational, confidence building and of course a whole lot of fun. With so much vocal wisdom instilled in him, I would not trust anyone else with my voice!!!
Testimonial headshot of Annie
Annie Busby
Darren diagnoses vocal faults with precision and explains in an easy to understand manner how to correct them. He is a pedagogue par excellence, as his lessons are well structured and very fun! His multifaceted approach means I have begun to discover the potential of my voice and through his tutelage have become excited about music making once again. A top notch teacher 10/10
Jess H
Music Teacher
Darren is a a bundle of positive energy and a skilled teacher. He has the rare ability to communicate the subtleties of improving vocal technique without inhibiting natural musicality.
Elizabeth Frencham
Singer songwriter, musician
To put it simply, Darren is one of the best vocal coaches going around. An alchemist. He has a magic way of bringing 'out' a voice and to share tools in how to do so. His extraordinary aural perceptions have a way of picking up on a voice's weaknesses and strengths in incredible detail. Combine this with an array of exercise's and technique's that work on developing an ease in delivery and vocal connection, as well theoretical understanding and application, and you will be astounded at the vocal transformation that occurs. What I have learnt from Darren is invaluable and has aided to shape my voice into what it is today. His approach towards teaching is unparalleled for vocalist (and musicians) of many varying levels and is a sheer joy to work with.
Testimonial from Daniela
Daniela Lucceti
It was a really great lesson - very professionally run and Darren's knowledge of singing, the voice and his ability to teach and coach was exceptional! I'm looking forward to developing my singing voice further with him.
Testimonial headshot of Rob
Rob. B.
Online Marketer
Darren has helped me find an understanding of my voice that I have been searching for - for many years. As a professional singer who has studied at a tertiary level in Australia and abroad, I have not met a voice teacher more competent or as capable as Darren.Through his functional, methodical approach to vocal technique, Darren showed me a way of singing that is more efficient, healthier and far more enjoyable. My vocal sound has progressed to a richer, better-balanced tone that has exceeded any of my expectations. I highly recommend Darren to anyone looking to truly get the most out of their voice in a down-to-earth, supportive and stimulating environment.
Testimonial headshot of Tom
Tom Barton
Jazz artist
A coach who genuinely cares, has passion and is so satisfied by watching others grow!
happy customer hugh
Hugh Corr
IT Specialist
After 3 months of training with Darren, I landed my dream role playing Joanne in RENT the musical, which I could not have done without this training. Darren can quickly assess everything your voice needs to achieve your goals and has helped me do so much more with my voice than I ever thought possible!
headshot karen
Karen Taranto
Business Administrator
Truly an amazing singing teacher!! Darren as helped me increase my vocal range and unlock areas of my voice I didn't know I had. 6/5!!
Testimonial headshot of Nathan
Nathan Dixon
Darren's teaching was succinct, powerful, supportive. I felt my voice expanding and feeling powerful in a way I've never experienced before before!
Testimonial headshot of charlotte
Charlotte Roberts
Singer song-writer
Darren has been great to work with. Quick to pick up on the diagnosis of what was going wrong with my voice, and gave me effective ways to make my voice, stronger, better and smoother. I now perform with more confidence!
Testimonial headshot of Jessica
Jessica Loh
Darren is a supremely talented teacher. He is my go-to guru for all the singing knowledge I need.
Matt Ramsey headshot
Matt Ramsey
Vocal coach
I live in Korea, but country doesn't matter to Dr. Wicks. He's a master of teaching choir and private voice lessons. If you are looking for perfect choir leader, learn the musicianship, become a successful member of choir, or the finest vocal technique then he is your man. Don't waste your time. Save your money. Contact him right now!
Jekyll Joe
Voice Coach
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