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The best singers do this:

Think of themselves as musicians – whose instrument happens to be voice.

Understand their strengths and the areas where there is potential for growth and development

Develop multiple forms of knowledge, including: head, heart, hand and ear. 

"Darren is a supremely talented teacher. He is my go-to guru for all the singing knowledge I need."
Matt Ramsey
Vocal Coach

Did you know? Understanding our strengths as singers and where we tend to focus our efforts can help us find opportunities for growth.

Did you know? The best singers possess multiple forms of knowledge. An easy way to remember this is to think: head, heart, hand and ear.

"Darren diagnoses vocal faults with precision and explains in an easy to understand manner how to correct them. He is a pedagogue par excellence, and his lessons are well structured and always very fun!"
Jess Heffernen
Music Teacher

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